Partner Ministries

Show Mercy

Show Mercy International is a nonprofit organization founded by Mike and Lori Salley. Their focus is demonstrating the love of Jesus in both word and action by providing loving homes, food, education, clothing and medical care to many orphaned and abandoned children living primarily in Uganda, Africa. Show Mercy provides opportunities for others who have the same values and desires to express them through both short and long term missions opportunities to Africa. For more information, please visit www.showmercy.org

God’s Heart

God’s Heart was birthed in the summer of 2004 by a few local families who saw and responded to a need to connect with the disenfranchised in Albany. What began as a weekly potluck in the park is now a nonprofit organization serving dinner each week for up to 200 people called “The Picnic”; and a monthly clothing giveaway – “God’s Closet” . Through relationships and Bible study, the transforming power of Jesus is faithfully healing the hearts of people and giving them hope and vision for their futures. He truly makes all things new! Services are free; for more information or for ways that you can be involved, please contact Debi Powell at 541-926-0514 or email PWLTRB@aol.com.

The Ministry of Steve and Derene Shultz

The Elijah List, including Elijah List Ministries, Prophetic.tv, and ElijahStreams, is an organization founded by Steve and Derene Shultz that is called to transmit around the world, fresh daily prophetic “manna” from the Lord, regarding the days in which we live. Their purpose is to give trustworthy, daily prophetic worship and intercessory “content” to as many as possible. The Elijah List is a valuable resource for Christian books, teachings and worship music. For more information, please visit www.elijahlist.com

Love inc.

Lives are transformed through relationships.  The Love INC ministry connects willing Christian servants with neighbors in need.  In the process, we are all transformed, needs are met, and joy becomes our shared reality.

Love INC provides the means for Christian churches to work together to express their love for God, each other and their neighbors in practical, coordinated ways, bringing hope to young and old.

Find out more at www.lovelinn.org