Life Groups




The various activities of Jesus Pursuit Church, whether public worship services, children’s church, life groups, classes, outreaches, or public service projects– all share the same mission and vision.

The mission is: We live to know Jesus Christ and to make Him famous in Albany, the Northwest, and the nations, by bringing the Good News and demonstration of the Kingdom of God.

The vision is: To be an Apostolic Resource Community, where people:

  •  Encounter God
  •  Are transformed
  • And advance His Kingdom.

We design all pastoral ministry at JPC to fulfill this vision and mission. And all pastoral ministry at JPC has a heart to build a functional family that has a goal of wholeness in Christ for every person and points to following Jesus as a Spirit-filled, kingdom-oriented disciple.

Life groups, for example, provide a setting where individuals get to know Jesus Christ through encountering God, through Bible study together, and through fellowship with other believers.

Life groups permit closer fellowship not possible in larger corporate gatherings. Normal people get real with each other, share life in Christ together, see and help each other transform into spirit-filled, kingdom-oriented disciples of Jesus, and seek wholeness in Christ for every person, thereby building a functional family.

JPC life groups each include worship, the word, and fellowship (WWF) in each meeting. Each group annually holds its own get-together, away from it all, just to hang out. Each group also annually conducts its own outreach, meanwhile encouraging sharing our faith with others each week and bringing them to life group.

Life groups are designed to multiply. As we encounter God and are transformed, we naturally want to share this good news of abundant life. None of us needed a certificate to share Jesus with others. None of us needed to wait. Young and immature, we naturally tell others our Jesus story, about what God has done for us! Immediately! And we invite them to follow Jesus. We invite them to life group and help them encounter God and become transformed.