Men’s Conquer Series

Our pastor’s working definition of sexual wholeness:  living an abundant life in our sexuality, free from pain, shame, & addiction, and walking in purity with joy and freedom.

The statistics are staggering, of how many Americans live in sexual addiction. We want to build a safe culture here where people can live in the light: where nothing is hidden and shame can’t land. We call ourselves higher: to believe God, to believe our significance in God, and to live in honor.


Our men (ages 14 and older) are invited to start October 14, to learn proven principles and practical tools to break free from pornography and sexual sin. Those who participate in this journey will see the bondage that happens in the mind, study key biblical principles to help men prevail against the enemy, and see that freedom is in your grasp. We use the Conquer Series, a cinematic teaching series, and follow that with the 7-Pillars workbook, meeting Saturday mornings, in small, confidential groups to work thru this together. Good stuff! Contact Carl Madison (541.791.7091) to get connected. Cost is $15, for the initial Study Guide, then $25 for the 7-Pillars workbook.