At Jesus Pursuit Church. Our focus is clear. We are all about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom come. In and through us. We are a company of people who are passionately pursuing Jesus with all that we are.

Daily, Live @ 2 PM

During this season we have been meeting daily at 2 pm on Facebook
for connection, community, and encouragement!
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Join Us via Facebook Live March 22 nd @ 7 pm

Latest Sermon

'I want to choose to surrender. I want to choose to live in the paradox of the kingdom. Where you can have two seemingly contrary ideas or realities that can co-exist. Because love made a way."

A great word from Emily needed for this time! It's easy with so much tension to divide based on beliefs or ideas on what we should be doing in this season. Learn how to position your heart for unity amidst the polarizing differences.

Service Times

In Person

Sunday Mornings @ 10:00 am


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