Emily Tedrow

Senior Pastor

As most PK’s do Emily wrestled with her own faith as a young woman until in 1996 at the age of 19 she encountered the Lord in such a radical encounter with His love and presence that she was forever changed.  Since that moment she has been passionately living her life full throttle for Jesus and His kingdom.   She began serving in any possible at the church, leading worship, youth group, administrating events, schools, cleaning toilets…you name it.  Anything to love on Jesus and His people.  She came on staff at JPC (then the Albany Vineyard) as the youth leader and administrative assistant in the year 2000 and has served on staff ever since.

In 2006 she had another life changing encounter with Jesus that settled once and for all in her heart that she was called to give her life to serve Christ and His Church and she gave herself completely to that call on her life and grew in maturity, wisdom and leadership.  On Father’s Day, 2014 the baton of leadership was passed to Emily as the senior leader of Jesus Pursuit Church where she is leading this community with a mandate of seeing revival and reformation (Isaiah 58) in the city of Albany and beyond by partnering with God to see His justice, mercy and goodness released to those in the region through the power and presence of God being released through ALL God’s sons & daughters walking powerfully in their gifts and callings in their spheres of influence both in and out of the 4 walls of the church..

Nathaniel Stubbs

Associate Pastor

Growing up as a missionaries son, Nathaniel knew that He was called to preach the gospel to the nations of the earth, what He didn’t know then was that God would reach those nations powerfully in and through him by planting him in the city of Albany.  

After falling in love and marrying his wife Courtney  (who was raised in Albany and in Jesus Pursuit Church) whom he met while they were both students at BSSM in Redding, CA ;they quickly planted themselves in Albany and Nathaniel jumped in with both feet in serving the city both in and out of the church.  

Nathaniel’s passion and pursuit of the presence of God, his love for the Word of God, for the people of God and to make Jesus famous is contagious and he is able to lead both young and old into that same pursuit and passion of experiencing the depths of who God is, to know Him and to make Him known.  
Nathaniel is an incredible human who’s main focus is all about the presence of God and the power of the Word of God in truth & in demonstration.

Angela Pinkston

Worship Pastor

Angela, a musician from a young age, has a heart to teach, model and see artists release their creativity in the earth, displaying the glory of God and revealing His love.
Her heart, passion, and “first love” relationship with Jesus is contagious and her desire to run after Him in full obedience shines through in every song and message. Her friendship with the Holy Spirit and longing for the manifest presence of God mark her life and ministry.

Jordan Joy

Communications and Media Director

Jordan originally grew up in Santa Cruz, CA and moved up to Oregon after seeing a Craigslist add for a roommate in a community house in Albany, OR. After meeting Holy Spirt through being brought to JPC by one of her roommates, Jordan came on staff a few years later and had an encounter about media. Since then, she is passionate about people encountering Jesus all over the world from something as simple as a social media post or a YouTube sermon video.

Julie Brink


Affectionally nicknamed, Joan of Julie, Julie is a women filled with integrity, honor, and truth! Her attention and dedication to bringing these cultures into every detail of our bookkeeping, keeps the highest standard of transparency and stewardship in this critical area of ministry. 

People that Make the Church Work.

 Thank you to everyone here for the leadership role you have  taken on and how you serve this community!

Denny Cline
Cline/Founding Pastor/Teaching Team

Ann Cline
JPC Board
Terry Fitzpatrick
JPC Board

Keith Koerner
JPC Board

Ron Taylor
JPC Board
Deb Powell
Love Inc/God’s Heart/Outreach
Nathaniel and Courtney Stubbs
Young Adults and Ministry Teams
Brian Lindsay
Sound Team

Amy Hoff
Children's Ministry

Catherine Bryd
Toddler and Babies Room
Holly and Kim McKain
Intercession Team

Mike and Nicole Stanley
Coffee Bar & Hospitality 

Justin Tedrow
Watchmen Team

Hannah Koerner
Worship Intern

Selah Hoff
Media Intern