They conquered him completely through the blood of the Lamb and the powerful word of His testimony. They triumphed because they did not love and cling to their own lives, even when faced with death.
Revelation 12:11 TPT

Testimony of Physical Healing and Freedom from Sucide!

Sent from a couple who visited one Sunday morning!

I want to thank you for speaking life and declaring what God is doing in my life. I really needed that. We have such a loving GOD…..
Just so you know I was going to give up the day after Christmas, I had NO hope and wanted to just end it all…..The lord has been ever present since that day and my girlfriend and I are so grateful for what the Lord did in both of our lives Sunday. 
We both came expecting but didn’t know how it would go for our first time. My girlfriend said she had never experienced such love in a church AND her arm and neck pain was prayed for and as of this morning there has been no further pain…..she also had loving words spoken and many around her prayed for her.
We are both amazed by our loving father and amazed by the friendliness and hospitality of everyone at you’re church thank you for your ministry and for what you are doing for the body of Christ….

Testimony of Protection in Physical Health!

Sent from someone a part of our online community!

The only thing I know about this church is you all are passionately in love with God and open to hearing him and speak it boldly whether it is in the middle of a song or in between songs. I have enjoyed the few messages I have listened to and have grown in my own walk with God because of them. Sometimes with the way life is these days I can go with weeks or so in between listening to one. The reason I wanted to say thank you for the way you all are having your service is because a few months ago I got a diagnosis technically three diagnosis's. For a while it was overwhelming me and I didn’t know how I was going to manage it. I remember after watching the first message ,I cried out to be healed or for it to disappear even more then I could say or explain. I almost feel like with watching my first service that something lit a fire in me in this area. Like in a way I almost believed in the past he could if he wanted to yet I only needed to ask once and leave it at that.  However every time I have came across one of the messages someone was literally speaking about autoimmune disorders and calling for healing in that area, saying our bodies would no longer be at war, during the time of worship. 
Since then I have held onto the Fact God could heal me of this and I could keep asking. I didn’t put any limitations on what the healing would be like. I  thought  it was just emotional and spiritual healing at first . Yet God showed me it was more in my consultation for surgery this week they stated not to exercise as it would put me into cardiac arrest.  (Who knew an autoimmune disorder could do that). I did not know this! I  have kept exercising and even moved since my diagnosis’s . God literally revealed he has been healing/protecting me way beyond what I could have imagined or even know to ask for. It also helped my doctor gave me a new medication and forgot to tell me to stop the first one. As well that I was advised radiation was cancelled, yet it wasn’t however I had more time to research and for god to say not to do it!  I know I should not be alive today yet here I am. A little fighter just waiting for complete healing. Also Knowing that I have been healed in ways I didn’t realize I needed. I went off on a rabbit trail to say why it means so much to me to listen to and join in worship and prayer with you all from a different state.

Testimony of Word of Knowledge for Healing!

Sent from a woman who calls JPC home!

It has been an amazing time since God gave Mike a word of knowledge that was so specifically about MY knee! I've never received a word like that before! When Mike detailed the knee problem as a structural issue and even pointed to his own knee in the exact spot that my problem was, and he didn't say it was arthritis or some other common knee issue, my husband and I both knew it was for me. 
As I explained, there was a crack in the tibial plateau. That's pretty structural! It has caused pain;, sometimes really bad, whether I'm walking or sleeping for about 4 years now. Surgery wasn't a good option. After hands were laid on me and prayers for healing, I knew God was working! Since that day, my knee has worked so much better! I can walk better and longer than before! Occasionally I do still feel a little discomfort; so when I do, I just ask for continued healing.....because I know, without a doubt, God has a plan for me and He is faithful!

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