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NEW! The Key to Revival is the Restoration of Family

Author: Denny Cline
This moment, gazing at the teeming multitudes, with the compassion of the Lord resting upon me, I heard these words not inside me but from the outside. “Denny, the key to revival is the restoration of family.”I long for a great awakening that gets our nation back to its mandate to be a national ambassador for Christ and a light to the nations. I feel this is possible with reform in the church and God’s grace in another massive outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Yet this will not happen without the church first seeing the restoration of the family.Why do I share this story? Because it is everything the Lord spoke to me. The Father wants to restore His family.
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We do not sell anything directly.
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The Pursuit

Jesus Pursuit Church
A dynamic praise album! Jesus is truly the center and the affection of these songs! Even though this was recorded in 2010, songs such as "I Am", "Who Is this God?", and "You Surround Me" are timeless. A must listen!

Revival is Reality

Michael & Angela Pinkston
Recorded live at Jesus Pursuit, this highly anticipated album is a stirring call to revival and pursuit of God! 


Angela Pinkston
Angela is sought out as a worship leader and teacher. Her heart, passion, and “first love” relationship with Jesus is contagious and her desire to run after Him in full obedience shines through in every song and message. 

Run with Me Child

Joanne Byrd & Olivia Byrd
Beautiful album from sisters Joanne and Olivia Byrd! Each song feels like a specific invitation onto a  journey with the Lord. The result being tender intimacy and peace. A unique, folky, stunning instrumental album  unlike most out there.