Embrace Restoration and Transformation

Embrace Restoration and Transformation

Original Post: Oct 1st, 2018
Monthly Newsletter Article:

Last year in October we held a unique gathering that we called our “Family Reunion”. Our purpose was to invite people who had ever been part of the community of Jesus Pursuit Church or the Albany Vineyard, as it was formerly known, and any conference attendees to come and remember. We wanted to remember the goodness of God in our lives and all that He has done in and through us over the past 24 years as a community of faith here in Albany.

It was a very special time. God moved powerfully in our hearts as we remembered. He healed old places of pain and even offense, and He reignited in so many hearts a passion for pursuing His presence.

One of the most amazing things that happened that weekend was a prophetic word that was spoken through Amy Ward who is one of our church advisers and a prophetic voice to our house. It was a word that we have been intentionally going after and diving into over the past year and RIGHT NOW, I believe we are living in the center of it.
It starts off....” Do it here God. Open up you heavens again! Open you wells again. Now is the time for restoration. Now is the time for a generation to come.  They are ready for you. Swing wide you gates...the King of Glory is coming in. And He is carrying transformation, He is carrying restoration. Will you say yes? “

She continued to describe the restoration and transformation that would be released in this next season for us as we pursued getting our hands and feet engaged and embracing the call to the restoration of family (including foster care, the school systems, healing for marriages). She also prophesied that those who are working at HP, factories, mills and with their hands will shift their focus to carry this restoration and release the kingdom where they work. She talked about a move of God coming to the children and young people. Then there was a word to get to know one another’s stories and learn to love one another more and more so that we can have impact out of our unity and surrendered/transparent lives with one another.

Why am I talking about this word again? Because as I said before we’re in the midst of it right now. We’ve fully embraced the first part of getting our hands and feet engaged. Now, I feel the Lord saying it’s time to embrace restoration and transformation of our hearts in our families. It’s only out of a true place of having personally experienced that fullness of restoration that we can be authentic and truly release a sound of restoration as a house.

It’s time for OUR families to be restored. It’s time for us as individuals to embrace transformation of the heart, even in the places we’ve pushed down and ignored for so long for fear of pain or even being exposed. Transformed people lead others into transformation. Fully restored people help restore other people into fullness. It starts first with us. We can’t lead others where we ourselves are not willing to go....and we cannot teach what we do not know.

If the key to revival is the restoration of family, then may our families be truly and fully restored! Let every place of brokenness be touched by the grace and mercy of God. There is not a situation or relationship too far gone that the Lord cannot restore.
So let’s begin asking ourselves, what are the places in my heart that need restoration? As we step into another year in the Kingdom of God, let’s wholeheartedly allow Holy Spirit to put His searchlight on our hearts for Him to show us the places that need His healing touch. Now is the time for restoration. Now is the time for transformation. Now is the time. So open up you gates...you walled up places....the King of Glory is coming in.


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