Impossible Promises

Impossible Promises

Original Post: Jan 1st, 2018
Monthly Newsletter Article:

Like so many of us often do during the holiday season, I read the Christmas story in Luke chapters 1 & 2 this past Christmas season (in my favorite Passion Translation of course). I love this story and love reading it each Christmas.

This year I was really struck by the incredible responses of the 2 women (Elizabeth and Mary) in this passage. Both women are given unbelievable news that they will each be carrying babies of promise and destiny. One woman is way past childbearing years, and the other is just a young virgin girl. Both situations were completely impossible in the natural realms.  

Yet, in spite of these ladies knowing these were impossible circumstances and each one knowing it was out of their own ability or strength to make happen...both women responded with a resounding “Yes”! They partnered with the word of the Lord spoken to them by the angel Gabriel and leaned into the miraculous that was about to manifest in their lives. In Luke 1:37 the angel speaks to Mary and says, "Not one promise from God is empty of power, for with God there is no such thing as impossibility!”

I immediately began to think of the incredible prophetic promises and words that Holy Spirit has spoken to me. Some of these words are for myself and my family, and some are for our church community here at Jesus Pursuit, and some are broader for the city and region. Each of these promises and dreams honestly seem like an impossibility in my own abilities and circumstances. I could NEVER make them happen on my own. Yet, my spirit leaped at the words and my heart responded with a YES. I know that I am not alone in this experience. What are the impossibilities that you believing God for?

I want to encourage each of us this New Year to look at the impossible promises we’re each carrying and proclaim this truth over them this year. NOT ONE PROMISE FROM GOD IS EMPTY OF POWER, FOR WITH GOD THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS IMPOSSIBILITY!!!!! Give your yes to the Lord and lean into the miraculous on your lives. I believe that this will be a year of miraculous provision, deliverance, salvation, and restoration. 2018 is a year of miracles and the things that we once believed were impossibilities will soon become the reality in which we live in. I BELIEVE THAT WE Will WIN!!!!!