Let Us Hear Your Voice

Let Us Hear Your Voice

Original Post: February 1st, 2019
Speak Lord your servant is listening...

Psalms 29 speaks of the power of the voice of the Lord moving through the earth.  The voice of the Lord echos through the skies and seas, His voice thunders over the waters, His voice topples trees and moves mountains, lightning and thunder come from His voice and causes earthquakes and causes new life to appear....actual births to take place.  His voice causes men and women to bow down in wonder and proclaim the Glory of God.  

This same God, this Lord who’s voice causes chaos and wonder, this is the same one who give strength and might to His people.  This is the Lord giving us His kiss of peace.

Recently, I was just talking with a friend.  We were discussing how easily we can become completely distracted and honestly checked out at times to the voice of the Lord because we fill our time and our attention with other things.  Things that we don’t even care about that much like social media or Netflix, etc.  Things that don’t fulfill and don’t bring peace.  These distracting voices certainly don’t carry the weight of authority that the voice of the Lord does.  

There is a war over the air.  There is a war for our attention and affection.  God is looking for lovers, for listeners, for those who’s ears are tuned to the sound of His voice.  He is looking for a people who will choose to listen and obey and respond to the sound of His voice.  

In all of the craziness that is taking place right now specifically in our nation, where so many are looking for answers and even plans and strategies, God is speaking.  He is speaking truth.  He is speaking answers.  He is speaking.  Will we turn off the noise in this time, and press in to His voice?  We can see clearly through scripture the power of the voice of the Lord.   I’d love to see the power of those who listen to His voice and walk in His ways in action.  

Speak to us Lord.   Speak the answers to the problems we are facing.  Speak the answer to abortion in our nation.  Speak the answer to gender confusion in our nation.  Speak strategy about how to bring unity between races and people groups.  Speak to every issue, to every cry of your people.  Speak Lord.   We will bow to the sound of Your voice.  

~Emily Tedrow